"Gourmet Mate", a specialty store of Cooking equipment and Small appliances for kitchen, is a small company in Japan.
Still it's a dream creating studio delivering happiness to our
Well, why don't you join and share such dream with us?


These are products highly recommended by "Gourmet Mate" with confidence.
You would enjoy happy and quick cake making with this whisk.
It's a vessel friendly hand mixing tool to speedily stir up the materials.
Pickles and corn etc. can be scooped up draining the juice off by using this ladle.
Orders even from overseas are welcome at any time.
Please proceed orders or any inquiries through e-mail or
facsimile to the address or number mentioned below.

"Gourmet mate"

9-28 1-chome, NishiUradate, Sanjo-City, Niigata-Pref.,
Phone: +81-256-33-4343 / FAX: +81-256-33-4345

E-mail yoho@awatate.co.jp

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